Man gets early jump in finding Day 3 coin

FARGO – The early bird gets $500 in gold coins.

A 4:30 a.m. start led Rod Fischer, 45, of Glyndon, Minn., to his early morning discovery of the Day 3 Northern Plains Coin beneath the First Avenue Bridge.

Fischer said he looked at the clue at the beginning of his early morning Forum newspaper delivery route. The day’s first clue printed in Saturday’s Forum read: “First, look to a dark place of ground where the sun is never found.”

Fischer said he had three hours to think it over before starting his hunt, well after newspapers with the clue were in the hands of other readers. His first thought was First Avenue. He parked his car near the Howard Johnson hotel and wandered along the bike path to the bridge looking under rocks.

The path led him to the underside of the bridge where the coin was stuck to a beam.

“I thought ‘Boy, I don’t know if they’ll put it down here.’ It’s kind of a shady spot,” Fischer said.

Though he wasn’t sure what he’d do with the $500 prize, Fischer said he was excited to find the coin especially after coming very close last year.

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The remaining clues were: The water may rise and the water may fall, this clue should help you find it all. Cycle through all the clues, and you’ll find the right path to choose.

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‘Good hunch’ leads coworkers to second coin

William Duppler, left, and Kyle McCallum found the Northern Plains Coin Friday under a Dumpster at the HoDo in downtown Fargo. David Samson / The Forum

FARGO – Thanks to a hunch and a trip for lunch, a pair of Sanford Health coworkers turned a break downtown into a successful treasure hunting quest.

William Duppler and Kyle McCallum, both of Fargo, found the Day 2 Northern Plains Coin with the help of only two of the three clues. The third clue hadn’t been revealed yet.

The coin was hidden underneath a recently painted Dumpster on the east side of the Hotel Donaldson.

“After that second hint went up, we kinda had a good clue where to go,” McCallum said.

The colleagues said they had been following the clues online all morning and had tried in vain to find Thursday’s coin.

The first clue on Friday – “art is subjective” – led them straight to the Dumpsters.

“He knew that the dumpsters had been painted,” Duppler said of his friend.

The second clue, advising people to “look low,” sealed it for the two.

The coin was magnetized and taped underneath the Dumpster in the alleyway behind the hotel. At first they looked under the lids, but then, after some crawling on the ground, they found the prize.

“It was a good hunch,” McCallum said.

The two said they were looking for an excuse to leave work for a bit and check out the Downtown Street Fair.

“It’s a great lunch break,” McCallum said.

The two planned to cash out the two gold coins – one worth $150 and the other worth $350 – and split the money.

Friday’s clues, with the final third clue:

1. They say art is subjective. Pay attention and follow our directive.

2. Do look low, don’t look high, gold waits for those who try.

3. One person’s trash is another person’s cash.

There is one more coin hunt Saturday. Read Saturday’s print edition of The Forum for the first clue.
Forum staff reports

Fargo couple accidentally find Day One Northern Plains Coin

FARGO – It was by chance and corndogs, and without a clue, that Cory Schlack and Lauren Berger found the Day One Northern Plains Coin.

The couple decided to stop for a corndog at the Downtown Fargo Street Fair before an evening of geocaching.

Shortly after 5 p.m., they went searching for a geocache hidden in the flowery area near Roberts Street and NP Avenue. Instead of finding the geocache, they turned up the Northern Plains Coin hidden under a black bench.

“We went treasure hunting and found a real treasure,” Schlack, 26, said.

Schlack said he and Berger had not been following the clues in The Forum and online.

Berger, 24, said the couple will probably use the gold coin worth $500 on a one-year anniversary they plan for the first weekend in August.

She said they plan to visit Valley Fair and Canterbury Park in Shakopee, Minn.

Berger and Schlack, both from Fargo said they will be on the hunt for the Day Two coin after lucking out Thursday.

Day 1 clues: 

1. To get the gold, your efforts need to be two-fold.

2. First, head north and catch a wave, and a wealthy path you may pave.

3. Lastly, know it’s not in the ocean and it’s not in a book, so watch the lines and look to a sign.

Read Friday’s Forum for the first clue on how to find the Day 2 coin worth $500 and check back to this blog for more clues throughout the day.
Forum staff reports

2013 Street Fair coin hunt begins Thursday

FARGO – The Downtown Fargo Street Fair starts Thursday, and successful scavengers could turn their skills into a $500 prize. The Forum’s seventh annual treasure hunt has again partnered with Northern Plains Coins in Fargo to bring you the Northern Plains Coin Hunt. If you’re the lucky person to find one of the three coins hidden downtown during the three-day event, you could be a winner. Here’s how it works:

• The Forum will hide one Northern Plains Coin each day of the fair, starting Thursday. Coins will be hidden in a spot accessible to the public and somewhere between the boundaries of Sixth Avenue North and Sixth Avenue South; the Red River to the east and 10th Street on the west, north of Main Avenue; and Seventh Street to the west, south of Main Avenue.

• Each day, read The Forum to find the first clue to help find that day’s coin. Additional clues will be given online each day at and during “The Christopher Gabriel Program,” which airs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on WDAY AM 970. If the coin still is unclaimed, the final clue will be given on “The Jay Thomas Show” between 2 and 5 p.m. on AM 970. At 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Saturday, the second and third clues will be found online at

• Go downtown and start looking. Coins will be hidden well, but no digging, dumping, destroying or trespassing will be necessary to find the coin. Please respect the business owners and residents of downtown Fargo during your search.

• You’ll also be able to follow the Northern Plains Coin hunt via Twitter. Just keep tabs on @Inforum for the latest updates. We will let the public know if the coin is found as soon as we are informed of it being turned in.

• If you find the coin, return it by 5 p.m. to Northern Plains Coins at 2425 Main Ave. for $500 worth of gold that the store will buy back, if desired. Your name, photo and the story of how you found the coin will be published in the next day’s Forum.

Day 2 – Clue 2

Combine this clue with the first clue given away in today’s edition of The Forum!

A symbol of American pride; looks away from where the coin does hide

Stay tuned to AM970 WDAY and streaming radio for the next clue at 12:15 p.m. on The Christopher Gabriel Program! Listen The Jay Thomas show at 3:15 p.m. for the fourth clue of the day.