Fargo couple accidentally find Day One Northern Plains Coin

FARGO – It was by chance and corndogs, and without a clue, that Cory Schlack and Lauren Berger found the Day One Northern Plains Coin.

The couple decided to stop for a corndog at the Downtown Fargo Street Fair before an evening of geocaching.

Shortly after 5 p.m., they went searching for a geocache hidden in the flowery area near Roberts Street and NP Avenue. Instead of finding the geocache, they turned up the Northern Plains Coin hidden under a black bench.

“We went treasure hunting and found a real treasure,” Schlack, 26, said.

Schlack said he and Berger had not been following the clues in The Forum and online.

Berger, 24, said the couple will probably use the gold coin worth $500 on a one-year anniversary they plan for the first weekend in August.

She said they plan to visit Valley Fair and Canterbury Park in Shakopee, Minn.

Berger and Schlack, both from Fargo said they will be on the hunt for the Day Two coin after lucking out Thursday.

Day 1 clues: 

1. To get the gold, your efforts need to be two-fold.

2. First, head north and catch a wave, and a wealthy path you may pave.

3. Lastly, know it’s not in the ocean and it’s not in a book, so watch the lines and look to a sign.

Read Friday’s Forum for the first clue on how to find the Day 2 coin worth $500 and check back to this blog for more clues throughout the day.
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16 thoughts on “Fargo couple accidentally find Day One Northern Plains Coin

  1. was wondering if the coin is not found, do you take it for the night or is it left where it is so we can keep searching into the evening?

  2. If a coin goes unclaimed, it’ll remain in the mix for the next day and not removed. (We sure hope someone finds Saturday’s coin since its the last day of the Street Fair.)

  3. Is there going to be more in tomorrow’s paper that tells us how the clues were meant to lead to the hiding place for the coin? The reader is not given the satisfaction of an “ah ha” moment when the story just says the coin was found under a bench next to the fire station :(

  4. I’m curious to read about how it was found…I just don’t understand how that location relates to the clues.

  5. I know I’m not alone in hoping the Forum will publish their reasoning behind the coin’s location. Even knowing the location, I’m not able to justify the clues to lead me there. We’d be grateful for a better explanation concerning what part of each of the clues were meant to lead us to that area and why.

  6. I also believe that the first coin that was found yesterday did not relate to yesterday’s clues, which leaves me to believe that the coin was the actual coin to be found Friday or Saturday. I wish the Forum could correct or confirm my assumption, because it is obvious that no one relates yesterday’s clues with the coin that was mistakenly found yesterday.

  7. two-fold = two fold bench that it was found under ocean/wave = np ave (northern pacific) sign = the two benches next to each other has a sign right in the middle of them…. these are of course guesses

    • Thank you! I still think it being near an acting studio made more sense. “watch the lines” = lines from a script. “two-fold” is a type of stage prop. I was considering it to be at The Stage near Island Park. The pool, where you could “make a wave”, is roughly north of there, and a path connects the two. Finally, “look to a sign” I was thinking it to be attached to the Stage’s sign. All in all, I was completely wrong.

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