‘Good hunch’ leads coworkers to second coin

William Duppler, left, and Kyle McCallum found the Northern Plains Coin Friday under a Dumpster at the HoDo in downtown Fargo. David Samson / The Forum

FARGO – Thanks to a hunch and a trip for lunch, a pair of Sanford Health coworkers turned a break downtown into a successful treasure hunting quest.

William Duppler and Kyle McCallum, both of Fargo, found the Day 2 Northern Plains Coin with the help of only two of the three clues. The third clue hadn’t been revealed yet.

The coin was hidden underneath a recently painted Dumpster on the east side of the Hotel Donaldson.

“After that second hint went up, we kinda had a good clue where to go,” McCallum said.

The colleagues said they had been following the clues online all morning and had tried in vain to find Thursday’s coin.

The first clue on Friday – “art is subjective” – led them straight to the Dumpsters.

“He knew that the dumpsters had been painted,” Duppler said of his friend.

The second clue, advising people to “look low,” sealed it for the two.

The coin was magnetized and taped underneath the Dumpster in the alleyway behind the hotel. At first they looked under the lids, but then, after some crawling on the ground, they found the prize.

“It was a good hunch,” McCallum said.

The two said they were looking for an excuse to leave work for a bit and check out the Downtown Street Fair.

“It’s a great lunch break,” McCallum said.

The two planned to cash out the two gold coins – one worth $150 and the other worth $350 – and split the money.

Friday’s clues, with the final third clue:

1. They say art is subjective. Pay attention and follow our directive.

2. Do look low, don’t look high, gold waits for those who try.

3. One person’s trash is another person’s cash.

There is one more coin hunt Saturday. Read Saturday’s print edition of The Forum for the first clue.
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8 thoughts on “‘Good hunch’ leads coworkers to second coin

  1. The clue today says don’t look low, don’t look high. Well placing a coin under a dumpster is as LOW as one could look. I think the clues yesterday and today are about as misguided as any clues can get. Can anyone tell me what the clues about not being an ocean or not in a book meant yesterday, when the coin was hidden under a bench across the street from the fire department? I would like to smoke some of the wacky weed that these clue makers are smoking.

      • I came on here yesterday to see what the first clue was, and all three clues were posted for a short time, before they were supposed to be, so it wouldn’t really suprise me if it did say “Don’t look low” at some point.

    • Darwin – to have an opportunity to enjoy the culture provided over a short break in the day (the article said it was their lunch break) is sometimes hard to come by. I know many people who were able to squeeze in the sites on their 30 minute lunch breaks and still return in time.

      Maybe you’re bitter, but give it up. People deserve to have good days – I’m sure this was a good one for these two on their lunch BREAK.

  2. Thanks for creating a clue set that actually makes sense! You have redeemed yourself from yesterday’s fiasco. Congratulations.

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