Man gets early jump in finding Day 3 coin

FARGO – The early bird gets $500 in gold coins.

A 4:30 a.m. start led Rod Fischer, 45, of Glyndon, Minn., to his early morning discovery of the Day 3 Northern Plains Coin beneath the First Avenue Bridge.

Fischer said he looked at the clue at the beginning of his early morning Forum newspaper delivery route. The day’s first clue printed in Saturday’s Forum read: “First, look to a dark place of ground where the sun is never found.”

Fischer said he had three hours to think it over before starting his hunt, well after newspapers with the clue were in the hands of other readers. His first thought was First Avenue. He parked his car near the Howard Johnson hotel and wandered along the bike path to the bridge looking under rocks.

The path led him to the underside of the bridge where the coin was stuck to a beam.

“I thought ‘Boy, I don’t know if they’ll put it down here.’ It’s kind of a shady spot,” Fischer said.

Though he wasn’t sure what he’d do with the $500 prize, Fischer said he was excited to find the coin especially after coming very close last year.

Forum newspaper carriers are independent contractors and not employees of The Forum.

The remaining clues were: The water may rise and the water may fall, this clue should help you find it all. Cycle through all the clues, and you’ll find the right path to choose.

Forum staff reports

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